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System Components

Object Oriented Database Engine: NSI AutoStore – The leading engine for advanced document management system development and also the product of choice by major OEM manufacturers such as Xerox, Ricoh, and Canon. This software is summarized on the following two pages. See NSI License Agreement for restrictions and terms under which this software is provided.

Database Filing Software: DbFS Software is built on the NSI AutoStore Engine with extensive visual basic script extensions to provide advanced database connectivity. It utilizes DbFS patent pending software for reliable quick and accurate recognition of bar codes from standard laser printers and other sources. See DbFS License Agreement for restrictions and terms under which this software is provided.

Server System: DbFS offers a compact high performance fault tolerant Appliance Server as a standard configuration. DbFS software can also be run on other dedicated server platforms (Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2) offered by DbFS or loaded onto servers of customer preference that can be dedicated to this single function. Due to the high importance of data preservation, we recommend that the document management system be on a separate dedicated server with appropriate security, fault tolerance, and redundant backup.

Scanners: Works with Wide Variety of Scanners. Preferred scanner for larger batches of documents: Xerox. Also works with low cost Brother MFP units utilizing free Brother Control Center software. Canon compatibility requires configuration of LCD panel to scan to designated location. Best integration to DbFS software with Xerox, and single or small sets of documents may be run on Brother satisfactorily.