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Document Capture

Database Filing Systems

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The DbFS system captures information from a full range of sources:

  • paper documents
  • computer files, and
  • polled email addresses.

Email polling is fully automated with rules set by email address polled for specialized handling and filing procedures by email address polled.

BarCodes are fully supported when found on:

  • Invoices
  • PO’s
  • Check Stubs
  • Service Tickets
  • Claims Records
  • Patient Records
  • Meeting Summaries


This capability is provided by advanced bar code functionality from patent pending software of DbFS for enhanced barcode functionality and accuracy.

Documents with an appropriate bar code identifier can be sent directly from a scanner with appropriately programmed buttons for routing of the documents.

This is the standard procedure for importing checks with all attached invoices and related supporting documents from Xerox scanners.

Database Filing Systems

One of the standard methods of import to the document management system is through a series of menus accessible on Workstations running the AutoCapture client.

Database Filing Systems

Menus are provided for AutoCapture of all types of sources. Menus are used where standard rules may not exist, barcodes are not available, or additional information needs to be supplied such as the selection of the appropriate Company/Branch, date, meeting/event/function, and/or relevant technician or specialist.

This facilitates filing of the documents in rational locations where they can be found by a manual search of the file structure as well as automated links from within the standard database application software used by the business / organization.

Database Filing Systems

The software also polls an unlimited number of specialized email accounts. Documents, files, and photos can be sent to these email accounts and the DbFS software polls, downloads and processes the files.

Standard email accounts are for Invoices, PO’s, Customers and Suppliers with the subject field of the email used to file the document to the applicable location and place a link in the applicable record of the database.

Database Filing Systems

On applicable workstations where the AutoStore Client is installed there will be an icon for the AutoCapture client.

A right click on any file on this system will offer the option to Send To a List of Menu Types for the AutoCapture Client. As shown these presently include four basic types of file storage: Accounts Payable, Batch Storage, Document Storage, and Tech Reports.