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Database Filing Systems

Designed to Capture, Process
and Route Documents

  • Capture from scanners, computers, and polled email accounts
  • Process through menus, barcodes, or subject field on polled email accounts
  • Route paper, electronic documents, and images to storage with links in applicable database records

Uses Standard Business
Models of Operation

  • Files stored in industry standard folders accessible without proprietary software
  • Standard Windows tools available for open or restricted access to various files
  • Places links in document tabs of primary database software
  • Typical access to information from within existing application software at the business / organization

Customized to the Requirements
of Your Industry

  • All documents typically stored with full OCR for quick access of relevant information in larger files
  • Document storage typically in PDF/A format to insure unaltered state
  • Designed to optionally support Multi-Company/Division/Branch
  • Optional sub-categories of Customer/Client/Patient file classifications
  • Optional Categories for Service Calls, Technical Support, Claims, Office Visits, Meeting Summaries, etc.


Business Challenge:
The typical business or organization faces increasing needs to store and to find historical records for various financial, legal, and support reasons. Today many records are contained within the industry specialized software on which a business or organization conducts its daily operations. However, most businesses face the need to store a lot of additional information and documents not generated from within the primary application software.

DbFS Solution:
DbFS has a growing suite of tools and procedures to optimize quick storage of this supplemental information. DbFS stores the data in logically structured files and has the capability to place links in relevant document tabs in the primary application software used by the business/organization.

DbFS works with leading software vendors to access document tabs within their primary database application software, and assists business to get these capabilities added to the vendor’s software where not already present.

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