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Accounts Payable

Looking First at the Accounts Payable Option.
Companies that do not have a barcoded check stub or where manual checks or EFT payments may exist on some checking accounts, a full menu is provided with data validity checking.

When an appropriate barcode is on the check stub, the Accounts Payable person just sets the Xerox scanner to the appropriate labeled button number for Barcoded Checks. A single press of one button is all that is needed to scan the check stub with all attached invoices and supporting documentation as a single filed document. The scanned document is filed in a standard Windows file structure by Vendor, Year, Supplier with a link placed in the document tab of the applicable supplier file in the main application software of the business/organization.


Business Challenge:
A busy accounting department receives hundreds of invoices that need to be matched with receivers and then paid individually and in batches. Then the documents need to be filed by vendor and retained until moved to storage with other documents from prior years. Then on occasion information is needed from stored documents for dispute resolution, legal proof, tax or other reasons. At this point someone hopefully returns from the storage facility / warehouse with the appropriate document after a manual search.

DbFS Solution:

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