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Batch Storage

The second standard selection in the AutoCapture client is Batch Storage. The first fields permit selection of appropriate company and branch/division from pull-down menus. The Date filed permits identification of the date of the applicable documents being scanned rather than the date of scanning.

The barcode selection is typically used when placing links in the applicable database software. In contrast, selection of non-barcode will typically put the scanned documents into a selected folder defined by Year/Month/Date. The batch scan is typically used for such things as daily accounting, operations reports, or other documents generated on a daily basis. The barcode option would apply if the daily batch consists of packing lists or invoice documents that need to be stored to preserve signature, some notations or tracking information not generated from within the applicable business / organization software.


Business Challenge:
A busy accounting department receives hundreds of invoices that need to be matched with receivers and then paid individually and in batches. Then the documents need to be filed by vendor and retained until moved to storage with other documents from prior years. Then on occasion information is needed from stored documents for dispute resolution, legal proof, tax or other reasons. At this point someone hopefully returns from the storage facility / warehouse with the appropriate document after a manual search.

DbFS Solution:

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