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Document Storage

The third standard option in the AutoCapture Client menu structure is DocumentStorage.

This structure provides for selection of the appropriate company in a multi-company environment, and selection of the appropriate Document Type. This is designed to file a document with a link placed in the appropriate document tab of the database record for the multiple categories of documents including the following:

1. Customer Number
2. Invoice Number
3. Purchase Order Number
4. Supplier Code

Documents are typically stored in C:\DocumentStorage on the DbFS file server. We typically set shortcuts on the desktop of applicable workstations to either the entire file structure or the portion of this file structure to applicable to the user of the workstation.

Looking first at the Accounts Payable folder, the screenshot on the right shows the structured access to the files consisting of C:\DocumentStorage\AccountsPayable\Year\Company\Vendor. Within the vendor folder, files are shown for checks with attachments applicable to the respective vendor. These files are typically accessed from within the Supplier record of the primary business/organization database software. The documents tab in the vendor record provides links that open the files.


The third category of the DocumentStorage file structure is for Daily Batches used for such things as credit card reports, payments received, check deposit lists, and operations reports.  The direct access to these records is C:\DocumentStorage\DailyBatches\Year\Company\Month\Date\. These documents are typically accessed directly from a separate shortcut put on the desktop of applicable workstations in the Accounting Department.

Email Files
The fourth category of the DocumentStorage file structure is for email files that have been received by polling designated specialized email boxes. All of these records will typically be accessed directly from the applicable database record link. The polled email boxes are typically a series of free (up to 10 per domain) for specialized uses such as PO, Invoice, Supplier, Customer @{AbbreviatedCoName} The following example for several days in one month shows examples of files, emails with attachments, Photos, etc… that have been polled. ALL of the polled email documents are filed by the applicable number as reflected in the subject line of the email forwarded to the polling account. They are all also accessible from the link appearing in the documents tab of the applicable database file records.

The fifth category of the DocumentStorage file is Invoices. This typically holds documents such as the individual barcoded service ticket from Technicians or a printed invoice that may have some customer notations, acknowledgments or exceptions manually written on the printed invoice. An example of this file structure is as follows. The file name is the barcode derived invoice number.

Purchasing Documents
The sixth category of DocumentStorage is Purchasing Documents typically stored by PO number and accessed from within the documents tab of the primary database software.

The seventh category of DocumentStorage is for Techs. The first two or three characters are the technicians initials followed by the date for the file name. This folder stores documents by Technician with all paperwork for the day stored in a single file. The individual invoices in the file for the Tech are automatically stored separately as previously referenced in the fourth section for Invoices. The applicable documents are stored in both places and only needs to be scanned once to store in both locations to facilitate quick access by Technician or in response to a customer inquiry.

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