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Tech Reports

The fourth standard selection in the AutoCapture client is for Tech Reports. This selection files documents that are stored by Year/Month/Date/Technician Code. Selection of Company and Branch are also offered where multiple options exist. The batch date is a part of the file name automatically created and it is typically the date the work was done rather than the date the documents were scanned.

The Tech field is typically a two or three character field based on the initials of the technician as utilized in the primary database software. The GetTechName button permits verification that the initials as typed correctly match the initials used in the primary database software. This prevents misfiling by someone typing A0 rather than AO, AD or whatever.

Alternately the initials can be typed directly in the TechName Field, and the software will correctly create a link based upon the bar code; however the batch name will be incorrect.


Business Challenge:
A busy accounting department receives hundreds of invoices that need to be matched with receivers and then paid individually and in batches. Then the documents need to be filed by vendor and retained until moved to storage with other documents from prior years. Then on occasion information is needed from stored documents for dispute resolution, legal proof, tax or other reasons. At this point someone hopefully returns from the storage facility / warehouse with the appropriate document after a manual search.

DbFS Solution:

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